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04/08/2010 - Phuket stays green over 80 metres  04/08/2010 - Phuket stays green over 80 metres

Phuket's eighty metre building restriction will remain in effect for another two years, it has been announced. The law prevents any construction on land which is eighty metres or more above sea level and is designed to help retain the natural contours of the Island.

A review of the current regulations is carried out by the Natural Resources and Environment Department every two years.
Khun Ong-art, Phuket's Natural Resources and Environment department head commented; "If anything, there will be more protection for Phuket's natural environment.I don't think the height limit will ever be removed."

Additional regulations affecting hillside buildings have also come into effect from July 31st 2010 as follows:

i. No structure can be built on a gradient of more than 50 percent.

ii. Building size is now limited to a maximum percentage of the total plot size on hillside land.

Environmental building consultants are revising current proposals to reflect these changes in order to comply with the new rules.

Many existing hillside villa developments in Phuket would not have been granted planning permission under the new regulations.

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