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02/09/2010 - Northern Cyprus property talks continue  02/09/2010 - Northern Cyprus property talks continue

Newly appointed president of the Greek Cypriots, Demetris Christofias, will enter talks this week with his counterpart, Mehmet Ali Talat, in Northern Cyprus.

The talks are aimed at reaching an agreement over Cypriot properties in the North of the Island.

Greek Cypriots have remained displaced from their homes in the North since the invasion of Northern Cyprus by Turkey in 1974.

President, Demetris Christofias, said, "We continued discussion on the property issue. Certainly it is unnecessary to tell you that there are serious differences and disagreements on the issue.  But on an interpersonal level things are not bad."

These discussions could open a new window of opportunity for foreigners to buy property in Northern Cyprus at the current artificially low prices.

However, buyers will have to move quickly as the two sides begin to move forward towards a resolution and prices are sure to rise quickly once an accord is reached.

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