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10/09/2010 - Overseas real estate the new gold?  10/09/2010 - Overseas real estate the new gold?

Investors in the U.K. are being advised to consider investing more money in overseas real estate.

Adrian Lowcock, senior investment advisor at Bestinvest, is recommending that his clients add asset classes other than gold to their portfolios; "Whilst it is too early to say whether gold has lost its characteristics, investors should not look at it as the asset class of old and consider only a small proportion of their portfolio in gold," he commented.

He went on to say that people are still concerned about the risk of a double-dip recession and whilst gold can have a place in a well-balanced portfolio people should also look to diversify into other types of investment such as overseas real estate.

Recent research from Halifax revealed that residential property offers the second highest return of any asset class, growing  by 187 percent between 2000 and 2010.

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