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18/09/2010 - Asia property prices lead the way  18/09/2010 - Asia property prices lead the way

During the first half of 2010, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia have had the best performing property markets in the world whilst Europe continues to struggle.

A report by Global Property Guide shows Ireland has become the worst performing market with a sixteen percent drop in prices from 2009.  Singapore on the other hand saw an increase of thirty four percent within the same period.

The U.K., Finland and Norway have all shown small gains but Bulgaria and Russia have performed poorly this year.

The United Arab Emirates experienced a six percent rise in prices from last year but indications are that the recovery may be short lived as house prices fell by 4.17 percent during the last quarter.

Although the actual percentage of price increases and decreases reported by the Global Property Guide are debateable, the report does show signs of stability are beginning to emerge with eighteen of the thirty six countries tracked registering gains from last year.

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