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23/09/2010 - Super Yachts visiting Singapore on the increase  23/09/2010 - Super Yachts visiting Singapore on the increase

A report by the Super Yacht Singapore Association [SSA] shows the number of super yachts visiting Singapore is on the increase.

From January 1st to June 30th 2010, thirty nine new super yachts visited Singapore. This represents growth of 260 percent from last years’ meagre fifteen vessels.

Figures for the whole of this year already show fifty four unique vessels visiting which is more than double last years’ figure.

Currently Singapore has a fleet of fourteen registered super yachts and a sixty four foot super yacht will be added to this number later this year.

The rise in the number of regional super yachts visiting Singapore clearly shows that not only is the regional economy recovering, but the super yacht industry is also.

The overall increase in traffic has been attributed to three main things:

1)    Recovery of global and regional economies.

2)    Higher quality charters and cruises being provided by super yacht owners.

3)    Increased confidence in South East Asian cruising routes.

The report is clearly a positive sign for the Singaporean super yacht industry and predictions are for a further increase in the third and fourth quarters of 2010.

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