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12/11/2010 - Chinese property Investment in U.S. greater than figures show  12/11/2010 - Chinese property Investment in U.S. greater than figures show

Chinese investment in the US property market is likely to be far greater than figures suggest.

This is because Chinese investors who are also US citizens, such as David Liu who is one of the largest buyers of rental apartment buildings in the US, are still not accounted for in official figures.

Currently market analysis companies, such as Real Capital Analytics, only count Chinese investors who are based in China, whilst other sources of Chinese investment clearly exist.

Real Capital Analytics will does not count David Liu’s transactions because his company, Standard Portfolios, is located in the US.

With China's economy generating billions of dollars of surplus cash each year, the number of Chinese investors looking for opportunities in the US are rising.

Additionally, China's Sovereign Wealth Fund and companies such as the China Investment Corporation have been looking to buy stakes in US focused real estate funds.

However, if these investments are made they will not be recorded by Real Capital Analytics as Chinese investment because the companies will not own the property directly.

There are many Chinese investors who currently operate 'under the radar', buying up thousands of distressed properties that have come onto the market due to the economic downturn.

Until real statistical analysis of these 'underground' property investments is made, the true figures will remain unknown.

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