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17/01/2011 - Facebook Mark Zuckerberg moves house to escape Oprah  17/01/2011 - Facebook Mark Zuckerberg moves house to escape Oprah

17/01/2011 - Facebook Mark Zuckerberg moves house to escape Oprah

Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg moved to a new home this week, but only a few blocks away from his old one.

In a move out of character, Zuckerberg, who is well known for staying away from the limelight, invited talk show host Oprah Winfrey inside his former property in September 2010.

It seemed that the Facebook CEO had finally come to terms with his celebrity status but, only three months after the show aired, Zuckerberg felt the urge to move.

Zuckerberg’s new property has already been the talk of the neighbourhood.

However, the installation of banks of security cameras before he moved in show that, contrary to how he made his fortune with Facebook, Zuckerberg is determined to ‘Friend’ as few people as possible.

It’s true that Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of twenty-six, has been restrained in his real estate investments since his rise to fame.

In fact, the new home is only a rental and is in the same Palo Alto neighbourhood as his former four bedroomed house.

Although only seven blocks away from his previous abode, his new home will make driving to work a little easier; its location is only streets away from Facebook headquarters, where Zuckerberg is said to spend around sixteen hours a day.

Zuckerberg’s new home is only slightly bigger than his former and has five bedrooms as opposed to four. The total plot size is not much bigger either, with around three thousand eight hundred square feet; his old home had two thousand three hundred and fifty square feet.

Compared with technology moguls Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the twenty six year old billionaire’s new home is extremely modest.

Steve Jobs is currently building himself a new home, valued at US$8.45 million, the single family home will be 4,910 square feet in size, with four bedrooms, a three car garage and a vegetable garden all set on six acres of land.

Bill Gates owns a 66,000 square foot mansion overlooking Lake Washington in Medina Washington, valued at US$147.5 million.

As you would expect, the impressive property has some state-of-the-art technology built in, such as heated floors and driveways, an estate-wide server system (running a Windows operating system, obviously), guests also get to wear pins that automatically adjust temperature, music and lighting based on the guest's preferences, when they enter a room.

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